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21 Types of Potentially Negative Friends

There is no crystal ball to predict that a particular friend will turn out to be a reliable, positive relationship in your life or, by contrast, that a negative association will cause you emotional distress, or worse. Since destructive or negative friends are not always that easy to spot, WHEN FRIENDSHIP HURTS may help you to reevaluate your current friends, as well as to reassess past or potential friendships.

  1. The Promise Breaker Constantly disappoints you or breaks promises
  2. The Taker Borrows and fails to return something precious or valuable to you.
  3. The Double-Crosser Betrays you big time
  4. The Risk Taker Puts you in harm's way because of illegal or dangerous behavior
  5. The Self-Absorbed Never has time to listen to you
  6. The Cheat Lies, or steals your romantic partner
  7. The Discloser Betrays your confidence
  8. The Competitor Excessively combative with you and wants what you have relationships, job, possessions
  9. The One-Upper Always one up on you
  10. The Rival Wants whatever you have and may try to take it from you
  11. The Faultfinder Overly critical
  12. The Downer Always negative, critical, and sad, and makes you feel that way too.
  13. The Rejecter Dislikes you and lets you know it
  14. The Abuser Verbally, physically, or sexually abuses you
  15. The Loner Would rather be alone than with a friend
  16. The Blood Sucker Overly dependent
  17. The Therapist Needs to analyze everything and give you advice
  18. The Interloper Overly involved in your life
  19. The Copy Cat Imitates you
  20. The Controller Needs to dominate you or the friendship
  21. The Caretaker Needs to be a friend's keeper, mother or nursemaid, rather than an equal.

(from WHEN FRIENDSHIP HURTS by Jan Yager, Ph.D.)

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